How to Plan a Stress-Free Baby Shower with A Party in a Cinch
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How to Plan a Stress-Free Baby Shower

Baby ShowerIf you are throwing a baby shower, you will want to make sure it is perfect and one the mom-to-be can enjoy, feel loved and remember for a lifetime. However, most people are extremely busy these days and planning a party can be hard work. With a few suggestions and tips, you can plan the perfect party with minimal stress and a whole lot of fun.

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme is like laying down the foundation for your baby shower. It can help you choose the time of day to have the party, the venue, decorations, party supplies and even the menu. Find out some favorite preferences from the guest of honor and get creative. A party in a box is a great tool for themed showers as it contains all the essentials you will need already coordinated and ready to go. A baby shower theme isn’t limited to cartoon characters and babyish decorations. You can go glamorous, contemporary or stick with the tried and true pink or blue color scheme. Ordering a party in a box online will make things even easier for you. Just imagine the time you will save when you won’t have to run around from store to store trying to find a tablecloth that matches your plates.

Baby Shower Food

Everybody knows the food at a party is what really sets it apart. You can choose to have it catered to reduce the time and stress involved in party planning, or you can enlist the help of some great cooks amongst your family and friends to help you develop and execute a great menu. Find out some of the mommy to be’s favorite foods to incorporate as well, even if they are a little odd for the rest of the guests. She will be touched you thought of her and cared enough to include her guilty pleasures. Planning your menu should revolve around not only your theme, but also the time of day you are throwing the bash. Brunch showers are popular as you will not need to serve a full meal.

Guest List

You don’t have to throw a baby shower for a hundred people to make it over the top, sometimes small and intimate has a bigger impact as those who are truly closest to the mom to be will get to spend real time with her. A smaller guest list is less overwhelming for her, and you, as well.


Decorations are easy once you have your theme, menu and guest list set. If you choose to order a party in a box, all your party supplies are already taken care of for you. You can find a glitzy party box for the diva mommy who likes her bling, a contemporary party box for the mom who has chosen to keep the gender of her new arrival a secret or the classic and sweet pink party for the precious girl soon coming.

Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games have gotten a bad reputation over the years, but they don’t have to be silly or frivolous. There are some fantastic games out there designed to get to know the expectant mommy better and provide an enjoyable way to spend time together at the party. If you get your party supplies through a party in a box, you will have enough time left over to find a few entertaining games for your guests to play.

Baby showers should be a happy and celebratory event. Planning the party shouldn’t be overly stressful for you or the soon to be new mom. Keep it simple and enjoy throwing a great shower.