How to Throw the Perfect Bridal Shower the Bride to Be Will Never Forget
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How to Throw the Perfect Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are a memorable event for the bride-to-be and for those in attendance. One of the most important aspects of a successful bridal shower is the proper planning. Pink roses for a bridal showerDepending on the size of the party, having help with the planning phase is vital. There are several planning steps to take in order to throw a great shower.

What the Bride-to-be Wants

Since the bride is the focal point of the event, you’ll want to confer with her to find out what she wants. Some bridal showers are all women and others are mixed, this is normally up to the bride, and what makes her the happiest. Moreover, find out her tastes, such as themes and favorite colors. Everyone is unique and some brides want to be involved in the planning and others prefer a complete surprise.

The Budget

Traditionally, the person or persons that host the shower normally pays for everything. Therefore, a budget needs to be discussed early so that everyone involved understands the costs. When more than one person plans the shower, it’s more affordable since the costs can be split among the planners.

The Invitations

Before you begin sending invitations, you’ll need to make a guest list. Carefully go over this list with more than one person to make sure everyone is included. The bridal shower can simply include email invites such as save the date, which cuts down on the costs of ordering and mailing invitations. Of course, if the budget allows, mailing invitations are an elegant touch to any event. If you plan to have invitations made, you’ll want to order these as far in advance as possible so there’s enough time to send them and receive an RSVP.

The Size of The Event

If the shower is on a smaller scale, it can be held at a restaurant or even at home. Larger showers will take additional planning to choose the best venue. If you need to rent a room, do so early to make sure you have the best options for the day of the party.

Snacks and DrinksBridal Shower Refreshments

Traditionally, a bridal shower doesn’t require a catered meal, but you’ll want to have snacks and drinks for guests. Finger foods are also a great choice at such an event. Choose the foods based on the time of day the shower is held.


Depending on your budget, you can choose to hire a photographer, but a professional photographer is not required at a bridal shower, especially if the budget it limited. However, you will want to designate a couple of people to take photos at the event. After the shower, you can create an online photo album and share it with the attendees. The album will also serve as a memorable time frame for the bride.

Supplies Needed for a Bridal Shower

To create a memorable shower, you’ll need party supplies, which includes napkins, card holders, flatware, and tablecloths. This is crucial if you need to reserve a venue that only includes the tables and chairs. The party supplies also enhance the theme of the shower, which adds to the overall ambiance.

Since the supplies needed can take a great deal of time to shop for, you may wish to consider a party in a box,¬†from Party in a Cinch and have the items you need shipped directly to you. This way you can simply choose your theme online, place your order, and keep the supplies until you’re ready to set up the venue.

Finally, after you’ve spent weeks or months planning the shower, make sure you enjoy yourself on the day of the event. All the planning truly pays off when you see the bride-to-be surrounded by loved ones and friends.