Frequently Asked Questions About Our Complete Party Boxes
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Can I customize a party in a box?

All of our Party Boxes have been carefully designed by professional event planners, at this time, we are unable to customize your order.

Can I order items separately like dishes or napkins?

We do not sell items that are in the boxes separately, but check out our additional party accessories page to add more options to your party box!

How will I know how to set up the party supplies?

Each Party Box comes with a Style Guide to help you with setting up your party!

What if an item arrives damaged?

We make every effort to pack items safely and efficiently, however, should an item arrive damaged, please contact us within 48 hours, so that we can replace it for you before your party.

How long before my party should I order the box?

Our Party Boxes ship 1-3 days from the time your order is placed. If you select standard shipping, your box will arrive within 5 business days. Rush delivery options are available at check out.

How many people does this box work for?

Our boxes are created for a party of 10-12.

What should I do about food and drinks for my party?

Please visit our blog for recipe and cocktail ideas for your party!

Can I reuse the items in my Party Box?

Yes! The box is yours to keep and many of the items, like the linens, and name card holders are reusable!

Do you have any printables I could use with my party?

We do indeed! Check out our blog for FREE printables to complement your party!

How will I know if the tablecloths you provide will fit my table?

We know that everyone has different size tables, so because of this, the linens we provide in the boxes are all versatile. The best part about our linens is that they are yours to keep, and reuse again and again!

The standard size linen we use is 120″. These will fit over any round or square tables.

Table Runners look nice on any table or can be used to spruce up a serving station/table.

Overlay linens are 90×90 and are made to drape over just the top part of your square or round table.

How do I properly care for the tablecloths/linens?

Satin Linens (Contempo, Glitz, Pretty in Pink, Rustic, Carribbean)

  • Machine wash with cold water on the delicate cycle
  • Dry on low setting
  • Iron or steam before use

Burlap Linens (Caribbean Nights)

  • Do not machine wash or tumble dry
  • Spot treat ONLY
  • Hang Dry
  • We do not suggest ironing this, but if you do use the lowest setting on iron

Sequins Linens (Glitz)

  • Do not machine wash, tumble dry or iron
  • Spot treat ONLY