Collaborations - Party in a Cinch - Modern Party Decor
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Party in a Cinch is so excited to collaborate with other companies in the community who have a passion for party planning & design just like we do! Follow us on Instagram to find out more on our creative projects for 2017!


Deep Fried Freckles is an illustration company featuring fashion and pop culture, and named after the Founder’s favorite accessory: her freckles. With a niche in advertising and graphic design, and a penchant for creating blogger portraits,  she carries at least one paintbrush with her everywhere she goes. Not only will you see her illustrations in various products we offer, look for our featured “Deep Fried Freckles” Cinch Party in a Box! Available for a limited time!



Charmed Olive

A hobby turned business, Charmed Olive offers beautiful hand stamped gifts like charms, key chains and collar stays. Give a gift that is as unique as the person receiving it! Look for these beauties to make an appearance in our party boxes!