Summer Party Tips
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Summer Entertaining Tips

06 Jul Summer Entertaining Tips

Its summer time and the beautiful weather calls for some fun with your friends and family members.. Whether you are planning a backyard BBQ party, inviting your friends over for the weekend brunch, throwing your child’s birthday party or planning to host an amazing evening soiree, a lot of planning and preparation goes into throwing a successful, fun filled party. Follow the tips below to throw a party your guests will remember!

1.     Pick a Theme

First things first, you will need to pick a theme. In fact, at Party in a Cinch, we have some amazing party boxes that are perfect for all your parties. Having a backyard BBQ bash? Check out our Contempo, and Caribbean Nights party boxes. Rustic Chic and Rose All Day are great for the weekend brunching types, and Pretty in Pink is perfect for your little princess’ birthday.

To get started, choose a theme from our amazing collection of party boxes, order the box and half your work is done. Once you have picked a theme, the rest will fall into place itself. Our party boxes contain all the essentials you need – linens, table runners, center pieces, name card holders, plates, napkins, flatware, appetizer and drink cards, and themed décor.


2.     Gather Party Accessories

You should gather your decorations and make sure you have everything you need 5 days prior to your party. Don’t have time to go shopping?

We have some good news for you!

At Party In A Cinch, we have a wonderful collection of all the party accessories you may need, such as different types of balloons and themed invitation cards. We are always adding more to keep party planning easy breezy for you!

3.     Always Ask For the Invitation Response

No matter how casual your party, you need to know a ballpark number of how many people are coming so you can plan the food and drink accordingly. Remember to always put a start and end time on your invitation, this creates urgency for your guests, and allows you to keep food cold and entertainment/games going for an appropriate time. If the party is going strong, generally we want people to stay past the end time, likewise if/when the party is  winding down, guests won’t linger.


Pro Tip: Always have double the plates/forks/knives/spoons of the amount of guests.

4.     Start Food Preparation In Advance

Start preparing your food a day before the party to make things easier. For example, if you are going to have BBQ, make sure to marinate the meat at least a night earlier and keep it in the fridge. This will not only reduce the amount of work you will have to do on the day of the party, but will also ensure that spices get absorbed and the meat does not take long on the grill. You can always prep appetizer that you know will keep overnight (caprese skewers for example).

5.     Serve Condiments in a Unique Way

Instead of playing hunt the ketchup for half of the time, try assorting your condiments in one or multiple muffin trays depending on how many people you have invited. Also, use Popsicle sticks to label the condiments so that no one gets confused between a chipotle and a ranch.

If your budget allows, go beyond the basic mustard and ketchup and add variety to the condiments for steaks, hot dogs and salads. Serve cheese sauce, French dressing, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, jalapenos, and salsa according to your menu; options are endless. You can even make a separate counter and display the condiments in small buckets. Make sure to label all the condiments to avoid any confusion.


Now that you have the tips, head to our SHOP NOW page to check out our current party collections!

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