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Where my Girls at? – Hosting a Girl’s Night In

02 Jun Where my Girls at? – Hosting a Girl’s Night In

You always plan a girls’ night out, but have you ever thought about a girl’s night in? There are endless things you can do to set-up a girl’s night in. It can be as casual or as fancy as you want it to be! The point is to spend quality time with your girl’s without having to spend tons of money out in a loud club!

Here are a few impressive ideas to organize a fun girl’s night in with your mains:

Pick a Fun Theme For a Girl’s Night In

Girls just want to have fun, but in order to organize your night in, you must come up with a theme for the party. A girl’s night in doesn’t always have to be casual, but it can be. You can set-up dinner party, a cocktail party, a wine tasting, a costume party, a night of pampering (with manis, pedis and mimosas), or DIY craft night (Think Pintrest overload).

Girl's Night In Theme Party



Girl's Night In Theme










  • Invitations – Don’t just text your girls. Surprise them with fun custom invitations. Check out www.deepfriedfreckles.com for fun ideas!
  • Dinner Party – If you are having a dinner party, create custom menus. I always suggest having light fare, as opposed to a heavy meal.
  • Cocktail Party – Decide if you want to provide all the drinks, or have everyone bring their signature drink. Have an array of fun drinkware and labels for the drinks (Use place cards).
  • Wine Tasting – Wine tastings are a fun way to introduce your friends to new wines and stay engaged during the party. Head to your local wine shop and have someone there help you pick out 5 to 6 wines. You can always pair the wines with a 5 course meal to make the party more formal.
  • Costume Party – Have a theme and add it to the invitation so people come prepared!
  • Pampering – Have an array of face masks, nail polishes, nail kits, pedicure spa tuns (ConAir sells an inexpensive one) etc, and have a night of pampering!
  • DIY Crafts – Into crafting? Have your friends choose some Pintrest  crafts they have been wanting to make, and head over to a local art supply store to pick up the crafts.


Splurge on the Décor

Girl's Night in Party Theme

You can go BIG with the decor for a girl’s night in!  No matter what theme you choose, decorate a centralized table/tables for food and drinks. Use bright colors for paper fans, linens, plates and paper straws. Check out our fun decor boxes at www.partyinacinch.com

Don’t forget to have fun party favors like confetti balloons!

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