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Oh Baby! – Tips for Hosting a Baby Shower

05 Mar Oh Baby! – Tips for Hosting a Baby Shower


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Being asked to host a baby shower is a big deal! You are about to welcome a little human into the world and there’s no joy bigger than this. Therefore, it is typical to get nervous about the preparations and end up with nothing on the plate. And when it comes to organizing a baby shower for a close friend, the stress levels simply take a hike.

But with help from us, you can rest assured that your baby shower will be adorable, fun, and trendy!

Design Invitations that also Work as Favors

An enticing invitation makes for half the success of the event. Therefore, when organizing a baby shower, make sure you get adorable baby shower party favors designed. And if you are on a tight budget, design invitation cards that also work as party favors like a wooden box with the guest’s name carved on top.

Pick Exciting Baby Shower Games

The most exciting part of a baby shower is when you play games. However, if you choose an age-old game like the one where the expecting mother opens gifts from the guests and finds unusual items, you might bore everyone. So, instead of doing something that is done and dusted, try to be unique.

A great baby shower game would be to ask the guests to guess the baby’s name if the parents have already chosen one. Another one is to ask all guests to write a sentence or message that the expecting mother would know in advance. You can then note the messages down on cards and ask the mom-to-be to guess. You can add more fun to the shower by playing ‘guess the baby food game’. In order to play this game, you will need to blindfold the expecting mother and ask her to guess the baby food by taking a bite.

Checklist for the Host – Making the Party Work

Creating a checklist before you start with anything is the wisest thing to do because you are able to get more organized with the planning process. It also helps you meet your goals and throw a fun party. Below is a checklist that you must follow to ensure that your baby shower is on point:

  • Set a Budget – The most important thing is to make a budget before you plan anything. The budget you have will determine what you can and cannot do. The budget should be divided into several parts so that each activity and arrangement is covered. You must also add names of the guests contributing for the shower.
  • Pick the Venue – Once the budget is in front of you, you must decide where you want to have the shower. Whether you want to pick a restaurant, hall, or make the arrangements at home, you may decide it depending on your budget.
  • Create a Guest List – Who is going to be a part of the shower? In order to create a guest list, make sure you reach out to everyone who is important in the expecting mother’s life. Invite all her friends and family members, and if the shower is not a surprise, ask her partner to help you out.
  • Select a Theme – What look are you going for? Need help? Check out our premade Parties in a Box! All the themed decor is all ready to ship right to you!
  • Send Invitations – Once everything is decided, sent invitations to the guests. Send digital invites to those who live far away or in other cities.
  • Head out for Shopping – Pick a couple of friends with you and head out to shop for the things you need for the shower. It is better to create a checklist of things you need to not miss out on anything.
  • Select the Menu – Depending upon the type of party you are arranging, you must select the menu accordingly. If it is tea party, you will need finger foods and desserts. Get the ingredients in advance if you will be preparing everything at home (We suggest prep the food as much as you can the night before). However, if you are going to hire a catering service, get in touch with one based on your budget.
  • Plan out Games – Choose a couple of games for the baby shower and get necessary items for them.
  • Order Favor Boxes – Choose favor boxes that match your theme!
  • Rent Tables, Chairs, etc – Make sure there is more than enough seating for guests!
  • Call the Guests – A week before the shower, call every guest on the list for RSVP.
  • Order Cake – Head to a local bakery to order a cake for the shower. (1 month before)
  • Photos – Make sure tons of photos are taken that day, so the mom to be can always remember her special day. You don’t need to hire a photographer, you can just crate a special hashtag to share with everyone, so that all the photos can be collected in one spot. Also, DIY photobooths are very popular these days! See our DIY photobooth blog for steps to create your own!


This checklist will help you stay organized up until the end so your shower is successful!

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