Gender Reveal Party Ideas
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Gender Reveal Parties Are Taking Over Baby Showers!

10 Feb Gender Reveal Parties Are Taking Over Baby Showers!

Gender Reveal Parties – The Trendy Baby Shower

Expecting parents around the world throw fancy baby showers to let friends and family become a part of their excitement and happiness. However, the latest trend has shifted from baby showers to gender reveal parties!

The trend allows friends and family of the expecting couple to rejoice in the moment of finding out the gender of their baby. So, if you want in on the current trend, here’s what you need to know:

The Big Reveal – The Ultrasound

Before the over-excited parents plan a gender reveal party, they schedule an ultrasound with their doctor. You can find out the gender of your unborn child at 18 to 20 weeks’ gestation. The sonographer will perform an ultrasound to reveal whether it is a girl or a boy. Typically, the sonographer will write down the gender and put it in a sealed envelope to give to the parents. The parents will then give it to the person who is hosting the Gender Reveal Party – this is the only person who will know the gender of the baby!

Throwing as Trendy and Memorable Gender Reveal Party!

Now it is time to get started with party planning. Below are a few gender reveal party ideas to help you make your event a big hit:

 Fill the Piñata with Pink or Blue Colored Toys and Candies

Gender Reveal

A great way of revealing the sex of your baby is to create suspense for the guests. Why not spice things up for your loved ones? You can decorate a cute piñata and fill it with toys and candies in blue color for boys and in pink color for girls. When it is time to reveal the gender, ask guests to hit the piñata and find it out.


Get Confetti Cannons Filled with Blue or Pink Colored Confetti

confetti baby showers

Confetti Cannons are another fun way to announce the gender of your baby! Buy handheld confetti cannons and hand them all of your guests (or you can just have mom and dad pop the cannons to reveal the baby’s gender). On the count of 3, you pop the cannons to reveal either pink or blue confetti! These cannons will not only add color to your party, but will also give your guests something to indulge in.

Using Balloons to Reveal the Gender of the Baby



Adding an exciting twist to your gender reveal party is a must, which is why you must try balloon popping as a way to reveal the gender of your baby. This idea is pretty simple and doesn’t need a lot of work. All you need to do is fill a big black balloon with confetti. Make sure you choose pink confetti if it is a girl and blue confetti if it is a boy. You must hang the balloon at the venue and gather friends and family when it is time to pop the balloon and find out the gender.

Additionally, you could have the party host fill a box with either blue or pink balloons and have the parents to be open the box together!

Party Décor

Since the gender is unknown, you have a few options in choosing décor for your party. You can decorate the venue in half pink décor and half blue décor. Have your guests join in on the fun by adding a chalk board where they can write down their predictions! If you are going for a more neutral and harmonious look, you can decorate with neutral colors like gray, white and yellow, to make your life easier, you can purchase the Party in a Cinch Box that was designed for a gender reveal party – Contempo


Should I Bring a Gift?

It is always a good idea to let guests know on the invitation if they should bring gifts, some people choose to replace baby showers with gender reveal parties, but some people still also choose to have a baby shower later down the line, and this is when guests would bring gifts.


Free Printables

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