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The Perfect Dinner Party

01 Feb The Perfect Dinner Party

Dinner Party

Throwing a Martha Stewartesque dinner party is every host’s dream, but when it comes to the actual arrangement and preparation, most people shy away. However, organizing a dinner party at your home is the easiest thing to do because you are in your comfort zone.

Of course, you need to start the preparations early on to avoid any stress at the time of the party. So, if you want your friends and family to be baffled by your hosting abilities, here’s what you need to do:

Design Formal Invitations

When you start your dinner party in a fancy manner, all your guests are 80% convinced that they are going to have a good time. A great way to make the right first impression is to design invitation cards, preferably handwritten and printed. Consider the invitation cards as your creative playground and give your best shot to entice guests to visit. If you can’t design the cards on your own, get in touch with a professional company like Party in a Cinch.

Design your Tablescape

Your dining table needs to be decorated right. However, tableware doesn’t necessarily have to be bought from a fancy store. You can head to our SHOP NOW section to find beautiful all inclusive tablescapes. Make sure you have presentable serving dishes and utensils too!

Prepare the Right Drinks

No dinner party is complete without great food paired with even better cocktails. Have a”signature cocktail” that guests can enjoy throughout the night. Also, have plenty of red and white wine, and non alcholic drink options for guests. Check out the recipe and drinks section of our blog for recipes!

Prepare Party Favors

The invitation card is not enough. You want to thank your guests and to have them remember your dinner party! When it comes to giving guests something to remember, you should prepare party favors. These favors should be unique and playful because anything ordinary will not stand out. Now, when it is time to fill the favor boxes, choose an adorable little item like a couple of specialty chocolates or a ring with the guest’s name carved over it.

Work on the Ambience

The ambience is what sets up the mood for a great dinner party. Therefore, you must choose a theme and decorate your house accordingly. If you choose to go with a subtle and elegant look, you can decorate the place with flower vases and candles. And if your guests are crazy party people, you can go with a different approach for the décor like LED lights and more. It is also important to ensure that you keep a good amount of lights and lamps switched on during the party to keep the atmosphere alive.

Focus on Decorating the Food

Serving your curry in a boring bowl without any creativity will leave your guests feeling unimpressed. Therefore, when you serve food, make sure you decorate it. Even if it is a mere soup, dish it out in a way that leaves your guests in awe.


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