Holiday Party Planning Tips - Spruce Up Your Holiday Party
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Holiday Party Planning Tips

How to Plan the Perfect Holiday Party
Holiday Party Planning Tips

20 Nov Holiday Party Planning Tips

Party Planning Decor Make your winter season extra special by planning the perfect holiday party! Before jumping in, consider these tips to help make your holiday party planning easy, fun, and totally stress-free.


Keep the food easy

It’s tough to enjoy a party when you’re cooped up in the kitchen, or worried about serving dishes that are too hot or too cold. Instead of planning a difficult, complicated menu, keep food options simple. Stick with recipes that can be fixed in advance, or consider finger foods to cut back on cleanup. Better yet, ask your guests to help out! Ask friends and family to bring their signature dish.


Use real tableware

To keep it classy, skip paper plates and napkins. After all, guests will be coming dressed to impress, and you want the tableware to match the occasion…even if it means a few more dishes later on.


Skip cheesy decor & music

It’s easy to go all out for the holidays, but skipping tired and cheesy holiday decor will improve the overall ambiance of your party. Instead of Rudolph and Santa, try incorporating pine cones and holly, and instead of garish reds and greens, choose ribbons and textiles in rich dark hues accented by creams and golds. The same goes for music. Try classical or jazz versions of holiday standards, and mix them in with other types of music, too.


Remember the details

Little details can help keep your party running smoothly. For your holiday party planning, make sure you have enough hangers for all your guests, and consider borrowing or renting a coatrack, which is more functional than tossing guest’s jackets on the guest room bed.  For ambiance, instead of relying on harsh overhead lighting, try using l amp lighting to keep things cozy. Holiday candles in subtle scents can also add an extra special touch. To infuse the room with warm, inviting scents, simmer a potpourri pot on the stove, using holiday favorites  such as cinnamon, oranges, cloves, or vanilla.


Holiday party planning can be stressful if you don’t plan ahead. Keep your mind focused on the fact that you’re all gathering together to enjoy time together and celebrate the Holidays, so don’t overthink the planning part too much!

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