A Guide to Hosting Parties
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A Guide to Food & Drinks For Your Party

13 Aug A Guide to Food & Drinks For Your Party

More?! There is no more!

When hosting an event in the comfort of your own home, one needs to anticipate the

amount of guests that will be in attendance. Once this is sorted out, you will have better

gauge in terms of how much to purchase for your soiree.


Drinks: One drink per guest per hour is the rule of thumb here, as we aren’t trying to send our

guests home in a stumbling stupor. At most, one should consider purchasing up to two

drinks per hour if guests are staying with you, or have a ride home (Über? Lyft? The future

is now!) One must also take in consideration the time of day at which your event will be

held. That is, people usually consume fewer libations at an afternoon shindig than they

would at, say, a function later in the evening. A larger quantity of drinks will also need to

be purchased if food is to be consumed at this get-together, given that people drink more

with food.

Speaking of food, how much is too much to serve? You don’t want your guests to leave

with empty stomachs (“please, Sir, may have some more?”), but you also don’t want them

passing out on your couch in a gluttonous haze either (think Jabba the Hut, if he attended

intergalactic engagements :mrgreen: ). Consider the following table when determining how much

food you need to prepare:



When are you serving the Apps?

Amount of 

Appetizer Types



Crowd of


Crowd of


Appetizers preceding a full mealAt least 46 to 8 pieces150 to 200 total appetizers300 to 400 total appetizers
Appetizers without a mealAt least 612 to 15 pieces300 to 375 total appetizers600 to 750 total appetizers




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