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DIY Photo Booth

02 Feb DIY Photo Booth

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Fun and unique ways to bring photo booths to your party

While they seem to be usually associated with wedding receptions, photo booths have become a

trendy hit for most any type of party or social gathering. While popularity for photo booths

continues to increase exponentially, so too does the price for putting one together. Today we will

show you how to break out your own photo booth without breaking the bank.

Point and snap

First and foremost, you will need a camera for your photo booth. Some people may run out and

buy the most expensive camera they can get their hands on before throwing their party. This is

what we in the event planning industry may call “overkill”. Keep it simple; that is, you won’t need

more than a digital point-and-shoot camera when creating a do it yourself photo booth (consider

the following: do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars on a camera that you may only end

up using sparingly?). It would also be a good idea to buy a tripod with a remote shutter release for

the camera, unless you want to shell out even more coin for a photographer (or face missing the

entire party as you snap everyone’s photograph throughout the party).

Setting up your booth or backdrop – Location, location, location!

The placement and location of the booth within your party is also of the utmost

importance. That is, it is best to have a centralized location so that you can create an excitement

and enthusiasm for guests to have for getting their photos taken. You won’t require a large

amount of square footage to set up the booth, but you don’t want to obstruct the flow of the

party, either.

One must consider the material used in setting up the frame for the backdrop.

While it is important to have a sturdy frame, a heavy, gaudy frame that is a nightmare to move

around simply won’t do. As such, PVC piping will be the most effective, as it is easy to construct

and is light in weight.


When it comes to design, let your imagination run wild! Popular ideas are paper fans/lanterns, flowers (real or artificial) sequins backdrops,

garland back drops, chalk paper backdrops…

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Arguably more important than the backdrop itself are the props that are to be used in the photos.

Variety is the spice of life; so, too, it is when keeping things fun and interesting for your guests. An

overlooked place to find props? Why, your own closet! You would be shocked at how many

strange, obscure, and fun props lurk around your closet and all around your home. Scarves, hats,

gloves, recycled Halloween attire, the world is your oyster when it comes to props. It wouldn’t

hurt to ask your friends if you could borrow some of their, ahem, questionable belongings either.

Another treasure chest filled with photo booth props is your local thrift shop. These are filled with

vintage items, as well as a plethora of random-yet-fantastic items your guest will love to have on

or around themselves when they hit the booth.

Last, but surely not least, you will need to procure a chalkboard (a dry-erase board is equally

effective). This will provide guests an opportunity to make their own custom messages for their


You now have your backdrop and your props for your photo booth in an easily accessible location,

but you’re not done yet! Make sure that your camera has ample battery life, as well as a memory

card with enough space for all of your guests at your party. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a

backup of all of the aforementioned products on hand. Have signs all around your event pointing

guests towards your handcrafted photo booth, and watch as they get creative with their props and

poses. Why not take a few photos with your guests at the beginning of the party to show them

how it’s done?!


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